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Formation Shots
60 Way base making a practice jump after a rain delay
259way Formation. Drop zone/Illinois State Record and Guiness Book of World Records largest formation
Jump Number 18 building rather large.
Jump number 18 just before break off. Another Close one.
Oscar Oczkowski filming another attempt at a world record.
Break off after another attempt.
Aircraft Shots
The 3 lead CASA's flying in formation
The 3 Base Otters Flying in formation. SKydive Chicago's 10EA & 30EA with the Sebastian Otter
2 CASAs, 5 Twin Otters and a Skyvan Flying in formation.
Jumpers exiting 7 out of the 12 aircraft.
A close up shot of the DC3, Lady Luck.
The Sebastian Otter as seen from the window of 10EA.
Most of the aircraft getting ready for take off.
5 of the Twin Otters lined up on the runway for take off.
Another view of the 5 Twin Otters Lined up on the runway for take off.
Exit Shots
Da Base exiting for another attempt.
Another exit shot of Da Base.
The last of the jumpers exiting from the CASAs
Group Shots
10EA, Da Base Plane
The Perris Otter, Shark Air
The Middle CASA
The Left CASA
Members of the BobCats.
Misc Shots
One of the many canopies in the air after an attempt.
The formation laid out on the ground as seen from a Cessna.

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